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06.25.14 Info about This Year’s Wristbands & Beware of Fakes

This year we’ve introduced a new high security wristband. Your wristband contains a number of advanced state of the art security features and EVERY WRISTBAND WILL BE SCANNED upon entry to the festival grounds.

• Wristbands are required at all times on festival grounds, you will be subject to ejection with no refund if you take off or tamper with your wristband for any reason. If you have an issue with your wristband please immediately report to security or customer service.

• All Wristbands will be checked for proper application by staff.

• A person in possession of a wristband which been tampered with or altered in anyway is subject to ejection from the festival grounds without refund.

• Do not subject your sensitive RFID wristband to the following: fire, cutting, excessive twisting, pulling, stretching or customization.


There are no more passes available for FYF 2014. We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE buying wristbands and supposed "tickets" to this year's festival from strangers. Hastily improvised fakes are on the market and we do not wish for you to be scammed. If you did not purchase directly from Front Gate, one of our authorized record store outlets listed on our website, or Goldenvoice, please be sure to purchase ONLY from trusted friends and family.

• PAPER TICKETS /E-TICKETS: There are NO paper tickets or e-tickets for FYF 2014, unconditionally. Any supposed paper tickets OR electronic tickets will not allow access to the festival.

• WRISTBANDS: No matter how good or authentic a wristband looks from a stranger, you are taking a risk in purchasing. Fake wristbands will not get you into the festival and do not contain the RFID technology encrypted in every officially produced wristband, which must be scanned upon entrance. DO NOT purchase any wristband, no matter how good it looks, which deviate from these security measures.

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